02 August 2013

Tanggal dua ke-enam

Have I told you lately that I love you much more than you know?
I love you more each passing day
I love the way you smile softly at me when I reached over to grab your hand
I love the way you caress my head
and for me, I couldn't resist running my fingers through your hair
I love your long and messy hair even though you dislike it
I love that good smell of yours
I love our silly conversation
although I said that you're "anak mama", I love the way you love your mom and dad
I love when you try hard not to fall asleep in order to stay with me after your night shift
I love when you're around, because I couldn't bear without that childish grin
I love when you hug me after our silly fight, and how you still love me even though I make you mad sometime
You know for sure I still wanna be around you even though I'm mad at you
I love that you try your best to deal with me when I was being complicated
I love when you said you wanna make me feel happy
Thank you for coming into my life

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