05 March 2012

Letter To Crush

Dear you, 
I had a super happy fun day, and still I don't think you have any idea that I like you. You make me smile everytime I talk to you. Sometimes I'd stop talking and just stare at you. I've been watching your every move. If only I knew what you were thinking. 

I'm just too afraid to tell you that "I simply like you". There's a fear of rejection, or fear that it won't work in the end. Well, I have 2 choices : take a leap of faith, or become old filled with regret. But I don't wanna mess up everything. What I know the most is I love spending time with you.


  1. ikut nyimak artikel nya ia..
    salam kenal....

  2. sepertinya ungkapan kegalaun hati nih


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